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Da der Preis für meine Dienstleistung von sehr vielen Faktoren, wie etwa der Anfahrts- und Spielzeit abhängt kann ich dir leider keinen Pauschalpreis nennen.

Solltest du Musik- und Lichttechnik für deine Veranstaltung benötigen, so stelle ich diese gerne zur Verfügung. Der Preis für das Komplettpaket liegt bei 400€. Eine genaue Auflistung meiner Technik, sowie der Pakete findest du hier. 


Kontaktiere mich bitte über das Kontaktfeld und ich erstelle dir ein unverbindliches Angebot.


Logo weiß transparent.png

  • What genre am I DJing?
    I am most familiar with EDM (electronic dance music), as I have been producing this type of music myself for 8 years and regularly DJing in clubs. However, I am also familiar with house, rap, current charts and many other genres. Your genre was not included? Just ask: CONTACT LINK.
  • Can I express song requests?
    You are very welcome to request songs. In the preliminary talk I will talk to you about your ideas and song requests and implement them on the day of the event. Song requests are of course also possible in the evening at any time. In addition, there is the possibility of a so-called "blacklist"; you can specify songs that should not be played under any circumstances. These will then definitely not be played
  • How much space is required?
    A large table for my mixer is completely sufficient (approx. 4 square meters)
  • How much does DJ Defense cost?
    Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. The price depends on many factors, such as travel and playing time. I would be happy to make you an offer on request.
  • Further questions?
    Send me a message or call me.
  • Does he bring his own equipment?
    I can bring my own equipment (loudspeakers, microphone, etc.) on request. Of course, I always have my mixer and the songs for your evening with me.
  • Is there an audio sample?
    Here you can listen to a small selection of my songs/performances Nothing suitable? Write to me!
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